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Meet the AOC Chair & Vice Chair Advisory Council (CVCAC)

Thank you to our incredible roster of Leaders who have been appointed to our 2024 AOC Advisory Councils.

Scott Boden, MD

Senior Advisor to CEO; AOC Board of Advisors; AOC Council Chair

Chair, Emory

William N. Levine, MD

Council Chair

Chair, Columbia University

Sheila Conway, MD

Council Vice Chair

Vice Chair, Atrium Health Wake Forest

Jaimo Ahn, MD

Associate Chair, University of Michigan

Nicholas Ahn, MD

Chair, University of Louisville

Shane Barton, MD

Chair, LSU Shreveport

Aaron Chamberlain, MD

Senior Medical Director, Intermountain Health

AOC Connect Distinguished Lecturer James R Ficke MD

James R. Ficke, MD

Chair, Johns Hopkins

AOC Connect Distinguished Lecturer Mitchel Harris MD

Mitchel Harris, MD

Chair, Massachusetts General Hospital

Monte Hunter, MD

Chair, Augusta University

AOC Connect Distinguished Lecturer Lisa Lattanza MD

Lisa Lattanza, MD

Chair, Yale

Kevin McGuire, MD

Interim Chair, Dartmouth Hitchcock

Alfonso Mejia, MD

Vice Chair, University of Illinois, Chicago

Ali Oliashirazi, MD

Chair, Marshall

Rafael Sierra, MD

Chair, Mayo Clinic

Steven Theiss, MD

Chair, UAB

Chris Tuohy, MD

Vice Chair, Atrium Health Wake Forest

Amanda Whitaker, MD

Chief Value Officer, UCD

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