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Strategy is meaningless if your PEOPLE can’t execute. Challenge leaders and teams, but give them the support, skills, and tools to succeed. Partner with your physicians and clinical leaders – create the foundation for their success.

The Exclusive Department Performance Partner for AOC and JobsInOrtho

Who we are: Michael Gagnon is part of the AOC Connect Team.

“After nearly 12 months of due diligence that culminated in a rigorous in-person evaluation of the leadership teams of two nationally recognized firms that focus on organizational and leadership development with specialization in healthcare, we’ve chosen J3P as our exclusive partner in this space. Their outstanding reputation, expertise, unique approach, and commitment to physician and executive success is well supported by the clients they serve. We believe this partnership will deliver exceptional value to our growing membership base, especially to expand our Department performance and leadership development programs. The complexity of leadership roles inside the healthcare space has never been so high and we are delighted to work with the J3P team to help navigate the current environment and develop cost-effective high-impact programs customized for the needs of our AOC Departments. We are going to immediately plug them into the fabric of what we do, across all of our platforms. Their credibility in this space, with the best of the best in the healthcare, is unparalleled.”

Michael R. Gagnon, MBA
Founder & CEO, Academic Orthopaedic Consortium
Founder & CEO, JobsInOrtho
Chief Administrative Officer-Emeritus, Duke University Orthopaedics

J3P Healthcare Solutions is a unique firm with extensive experience and expertise supporting orthopaedic department success. J3P combines its understanding of department operational performance with individual and organizational behavioral expertise. The work is built on a robust body of peer reviewed research collaborations with many prominent leaders in organized orthopaedic surgery. The result is a practical and proven approach to solving complex problems.

“J3P has been instrumental in guiding our Department through recent major initiatives. Their unique mix of personal leadership/team development, strategic planning and business expertise allowed them to quickly provide us with a framework for execution. Our surgeons have readily accepted them as part of “our team.” 

Mitchel Harris, MD
Edith M. Ashley Professor & Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

The J3P-AOC Department Performance Program

You are tasked with building a successful program, in the face of evolving and complex challenges, and limited resources. You need structure, a plan, and guidance, from experts who understand your world. Key thought leaders from the AOC, including a number of our Chairs and CAOs, have provided direct input to help shape these cost-effective high-impact programs focused on our most critical needs.

Step 1 – Understand Your Challenges

Step 2 – Establish clear goals

Establish clear goals with an understanding of what barriers need to be prioritized for a successful outcome, including your unique organizational dynamics.

Step 3 – Remove the Barriers to Success

Identify the solutions and support to remove barriers

Engage physician and executive leaders in a meaningful process that creates consensus around a clear vision, and defined goals that are aligned with the institution. Begin to build a sense of team, and a culture of accountability.

Engage stakeholders in a practical annual session to ensure steady progress, stay focused on the vision, adapt to changing dynamics, and reinforce team accountability.

Define what’s expected of physician leaders, including job descriptions, role clarity, leadership structure, clearly defined goals, timelines, and accountability.

Culture is NOT a program. Define for people the behaviors you value and how you do the work. Make culture real and tangible. Give stakeholders a sense of ownership over creating your culture, every day. Our process of understanding Department performance, collaboration, communication and leadership behaviors allows us to define the changes that will create a culture of quality, collaboration, innovation, pride, leadership, and connectedness.

Integrate operational and service line strategies into the work. Service line structure. Cost reduction. Market growth.

Take a customized, deliberate approach to developing and supporting physician leaders. Teach them the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will support their individual success, and the success of the Department – and apply these skills to your challenges, as PART of the learning.

Our coaches work with some of the top physician and administrative leaders in the country. Our coaching programs are all built around individual growth as the primary objective. The work is data-based, built on a foundation of enhanced self-awareness, and grounded in operations. Prepare for a new role. Adapt your leadership style to a situation. Work through specific challenges. Grow as a leader.

Whether you are a female Resident, Fellow, Attending, Division Chief, Vice Chair, Chair, or aspire to be in one of these roles, you will face certain challenges that are unique to females navigating in a profession that is predominantly male. We understand this and J3P has extensive experience working with female orthopaedic surgeons. Our specialized coaches will partner with you to understand your goals and to coach you through how to navigate the complexities of your pathway.

We can tailor interactive workshops to your needs. These might address: Building effective teams, Running efficient meetings, Leadership styles, improving communication, or building trust and psychological safety.

Sometimes, physicians and leaders struggle. Rather than trying to “fix” or “remediate” a physician, we work to understand the individual and departmental goals, align the strategies and behaviors that will support success. Our approach starts with engaging the physician in the process of growth, development and performance – We focus on the individual in the service of the department and on behalf of the patients they serve.

This customized program provides physicians with a foundation for success. Establish career goals. Enhance self-awareness. One-on-one coaching and interactive team learning. Participants learn the skills and behaviors that support their success, and improve physician engagement and retention.

J3P Client Quotes

“Our day with J3P was the most practical and useful of the entire AAOS Executive Fellows Program.”

Neil P. Sheth, M.D.
Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery Pennsylvania Hospital

“The challenges facing Departments are getting more complex. Physician leaders need the tools, guidance and strategies to support their success. They need to expand their own skills, and those of the people around them. J3P is unique in that they combine in depth knowledge of our field, expertise in organizational and individual psychology, with a deep understanding of our specific challenges. They have been instrumental in evolving how I think about my role as a leader, and educating our people to think differently, too.”

Joseph D. Zuckerman, M.D.
Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, NYU Langone

“Our program focused on the challenges facing our female surgeons. There was a consensus that paying attention to these issues and having the one-on-one coaching, particularly, made the participants realize they aren’t alone in these struggles. They felt better about themselves and better equipped to manage their own situations. It reduces the risk of burnout.”

Susan Bukata, M.D.
Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of California, San Diego

Jena Jake, M.A.

Vice President of Physician Coaching Programs

Alan Friedman, M.A.

Founder and CEO

Bruce Gewertz, M.D.

Surgeon-in-Chief, Cedars Sinai Healthcare System, Senior Advisor, Physician Leadership for J3P

Randall Wickman, M.A.

Chief Operating Officer

Adrienne Lloyd

Senior Consultant for Operations for J3P

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