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AOC Approved Companies

Nearly every week we receive communication from our member institutions asking us for recommendations to assist with their due diligence on potential solutions (big and small) to address a myriad of (big and small) items such as surgical training, biologics, DME, workflows, digital media and marketing, etc.

Accordingly, it has been requested that the AOC develop a roster of companies that would be published on our website as being “AOC Approved.” Doing this will give AOC members a quick resource to assist with their due diligence processes while also highlighting companies that have positive references from other AOC members.  It also helps these companies that are doing good work in the musculoskeletal space with visibility and an opportunity to grow.

Departments are encouraged to nominate a company, the AOC will perform due diligence on these companies before we agree to list. 

Criteria for endorsement: 

  1. AOC will interview the Company leadership to better understand Company vision, Customer service, Commitment to the Musculoskeletal space.
  2. Company must have AOC Departments within its existing customer base.
  3. Company must have positive reference check with AOC customer(s) to ascertain Company as “value-add” product/service 

If endorsed, each company will have its name listed alphabetically and then alphabetically within category (ie biologics, workflows, website design, scheduling programs, PRO, dictation, PT solutions, marketing, etc.).  The Company’s name will be linked to the Company sales page so that members have quick access to contacts.  This listing will be updated and shared quarterly with AOC Membership communications. Companies will be assessed a fee to assist with the expenses of maintaining this due diligence, inventory, and distribution.

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