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What is Your Academic Medical Center Strategy?

AOC Member Institutions Spend $4B per year in Orthopaedic Implant/Device and Biologics.

Academic Medical Centers (AMC) in orthopaedics are tasked with providing top-shelf orthopaedic care – all while conducting educational research that will shape the future of our field and training the orthopaedic surgeons of the future. At the AOC, our mission is to help AMCs achieve their three-pronged mission, while ensuring our Corporate Partners have unparalleled access to AMC decision makers and receive invaluable market insight.

AOC membership spans 5,400 members across 170 university-based Orthopaedic Departments and an additional 60 health systems in private practices. The most prestigious orthopaedic institutions in the world rely on the AOC for peer-to-peer networking, the exchange of ideas, and direction in establishing best practices across business, leadership, education and research.

Engage the Future of Orthopaedics

with an AOC Corporate Partnership

As the top decision makers at nearly every academic orthopaedic medical program in the US, AOC members are at the forefront of what’s next in orthopaedics. From training residents and fellows in orthopaedic surgery – your customers of the future – to conducting research using the latest industry innovations in the field, the member institutions of the AOC represent a powerful audience for our Corporate Partners.

AOC Research & Education Leadership Package

The AOC Research & Education Leadership Package below affords critical insights to enhance Company’s strategic positioning while also providing maximum visibility, access, and connection to AOC members and key leaders. This package can also be customized with commensurate deliverables based on Company’s needs.  Contact us for details!

This package includes 8+ opportunities:

1. Custom AOC Member Survey

Using up to 5 questions submitted by the Company, the AOC will send a custom survey to each Academic Medical Center Department that attends the Annual Symposium. Responses will then be tabulated and shared with the Company prior to the Symposium, providing critical context specific to the questions that matter most to the Company to help improve strategic positioning.

2. Strategic Insights via AOC Expert Panel to Accelerate Company Pathway

To provide Company with essential insights from key stakeholders across the academic orthopaedic landscape, the AOC will recruit, organize, and facilitate a 60-minute Focused Panel of 8 AOC Surgeon Leaders for Company on a topic of your choosing to be used anytime during the year. Tremendous value for relationship building and validating Company’s value propositions and customer preferences.

3. The AOC MedTech Project and the Pathway to Collaboration

MedTech Partnering companies will be asked to participate in an anonymous survey designed to address critical issues you experience in working with Academic Medical Centers. The survey will probe unmet needs, identify pressure points, and gather data to help the AOC benefit your organization as a corporate partner. After tabulation, a group of 14 program chairs will collaborate to produce the “Pathway to Collaboration,” a consensus statement featuring their best practice recommendations for industry. This important document will seek to align the goals and needs of participating Corporate Partners with those of Academic Medical Centers in orthopaedics. Examples may include, but are not limited to, addressing the launch of product validation research, engaging Departmental and institutional purchasing decision makers, and scaling education for residents and fellows at AOC member institutions. The “Pathway to Collaboration” consensus statement will only be shared with Corporate Partners at the Research & Education Leadership level, offering your Company invaluable insight as you seek your path forward.

4. Podium Presentation During Main Session of National Symposium

As a Corporate Partner at the Research & Education Leadership level, Company may appoint one leader to present your Company’s vision for collaboration with Academic Medical Centers as part of a 25-minute moderated Panel Presentation with other industry leaders. Featured during the main program of the AOC National Symposium, your Company will have 5 minutes of exclusive presentation time during this important educational session.

5. Private Meeting with 40+ Chairs and Vice Chairs During National Symposium

Following the Panel Presentation above, your Company’s panelist will be invited to meet for 30 minutes in a facilitated conversation to discuss the “Pathway to Collaboration” consensus statement with AOC Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Division Chiefs and other industry leaders.

6. Recognition as an AOC-Approved Vendor

Company is eligible for listing and promotion as an “AOC Approved Company.” If validated by an AOC member department, Company will be listed on AOC Connect website as an approved vendor and recommended for other institutions for consideration. Listing would feature the Company name, website URL, a sales contact and contact information. This information would also be disseminated via email to all AOC members on a quarterly basis. Company may also promote its status as an “AOC Approved Company.”

7. Digital & Print Marketing: This year-round package will include

  1. Twice annual communications written by the company (i.e., special offers, company news, etc.) and disseminated to all AOC members
  2. Rotating digital ads across our members-only site,
  3. Company logo displayed across AOC Website and also
  4. Full color, half-page ad in our National Symposium Agenda

8. National Symposium Experience/Immersion with AOC Members

  1. Company will receive 4 paid registrations to attend all sessions of AOC Business & Leadership Symposium
  2. 2.5 days of Breakfast and Lunch to include AOC Cocktail Networking Reception for 4 Company attendees
  3. A standard table-top booth for Company display

+ AOC Matchmaking Opportunity Available

The AOC is uniquely positioned as the ultimate matchmaker across the elite academic orthopaedic community.

Please ask us about our matchmaking services that we can provide for à la cart projects that would be customized for companies who are seeking to accelerate and scale strategic pathways in specific ways.

Interested in Learning More?

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