We Have Liftoff! The new AOC Connect Social Platform is LIVE.

Who we are: Michael Gagnon is part of the AOC Connect Team.

Michael Gagnon, MBA

Founder & CEO, AOC Connect & JobsInOrtho | Chief Administrative Officer- Emeritus Duke University Orthopaedics

Announcing Our Game-Changing Social Platform for the Nationwide Academic Orthopaedic Community!

We are confident that 2022 will be the biggest year yet for the academic orthopaedic community. Because AOC Connect has launched its new, totally game-changing online social platform (with a mobile community app just weeks away). Starting now, the nationwide academic orthopaedic community will be more connected, more collaborative, and more innovative than ever before.

Our new AOC Connect social platform WILL transform the orthopaedic specialty. For the first time ever you and your professional peers will have your own powerful online platform — exclusively for the academic orthopaedic space. (Imagine the functionality of platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, but with only with professional peers from our specialty).

Now our members can immediately connect with each other in real time, anywhere in the country. That means more real-time Q&A, collaboration, and sharing of the best practices and groundbreaking ideas that propel university departments, practices, and researchers forward at a rapid pace. A GIANT leap forward. National collaborations.

Now here’s a preview, plus your how-to for getting started:

Connect. Engage. Advance. Inspire!

Make Connections with your Professional Peers.

This is where our online academic orthopaedic community grows, strengthens and thrives.

Join Groups.

Right now the platform has a group for every job role in orthopaedics plus special interests such as Best Practice Forum for Orthopaedic Leaders, Life, Money, & Medicine- what they don’t teach you in Residency, Women’s Leadership Forum, URM Leadership Forum, Epic User’s group, Education/GME, Research, and many more. In seconds, within your groups, you can connect immediately with your peers across the country for gut checks, critical Q&A, mentorship exchange, and more.

Send Messages.

Reach out directly and immediately to any of your Connections with questions, updates, networking requests, and more.

Get Access to Members-Only Events.

By staying logged into the platform you’ll be the first to know about acclaimed, high-value AOC Connect events like our Annual Business & Leadership Symposium and Women’s Leadership Forum sessions.

Share Best Practices, Solve Problems.

Need a quick gut-check?  Have a query for one of our national think-tanks organized around the academic missions?  Need mentoring? Have a next-level idea your peers need to know? Use groups and messages to share, collaborate, and ultimately to optimize your musculoskeletal enterprise and performance across academic missions.

Join the AOC Connect social platform and connect with your academic orthopaedic community.

Step 1: Log In.

Go to members.myaocconnect.com and use your email address to login. If you’ve never logged in before, select “Lost your password” to reset your password. (Make sure you check your email spam if you don’t see the password reset email.)

Step 2: Update Your Profile.

  • First things first: Upload your headshot and edit your profile. Your smiling face adds to the platform’s welcoming vibe. Click on your name in the top right to edit your profile.
  • Your Profile is also to place to update other account settings such as your password and email preferences. I recommend you pay close attention to your email settings and adjust them so that your flow of notifications from the site is manageable to your liking.

Step 3: Start Engaging with the Platform!

You’ll see the following choices in the left-hand navigation menu:

  • Timeline — This is the place to start every visit to the platform—the one place to catch up with the latest from my groups and connections. Comment, share, and reply to posts, see who’s liked your content or mentioned you, read the latest news from your groups, see user-uploaded content, learn about upcoming AOC Connect events, and more.
  • Connections — “What’s Leesa Galatz up to?” If you’re connected you can go here to find out. AOC Connect members are assigned capability to connect directly with all members who share their position type. Grow your network by reaching out to any registered AOC Connect member of any position type to “connect,” “follow,” and even “message” those who accept your invitations.
  • Groups — The Groups in the AOC Connect social platform are your direct links to peers, discussions, and content that’s super-relevant to your job title and responsibilities, orthopaedic specialty, and special interest.  Members can upload documents in each Group for sharing, review, and discussion.

This high level of thought leadership content sharing is a major aspect of the AOC Connect social platform that will elevate ALL of us in the academic orthopaedic community. We wholeheartedly believe that actively participating in Groups will deliver more value for your professional development than any other space on the platform, and we encourage you to join all relevant groups.

Log in now and start taking full advantage of your AOC Connect social platform!

Your peers are all waiting for you on the platform. Log in now, make Connections, join Groups, start a Discussion, and become a vital part of your nationwide academic orthopaedic community — a community that we KNOW will reach unprecedented heights in 2022 and beyond. See you there!