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Online Visibility and Reputation: How Does Your Practice Measure Up?

There’s never been a shortage of competition when it comes to medicine, but today’s landscape requires even more attention to key factors over which we have influence but not so much control: online visibility and reputation.

Patients are making physician selection decisions on the basis of Google search results and reviews—and, frankly, many orthopedic surgeons and administrators have found it challenging to make headway in these areas.

Your office staff may have implemented automated patient follow up communications, and even review requests. But effectively influencing digital reputation, and securing steady patient acquisition, continue to be hit-or-miss propositions.

Anticipating this rising trend was one reason we began a relationship with SocialClimb* back in 2018. Our organizations share a commitment to helping improve the musculoskeletal landscape—in ways that benefit both physicians and patients.

SocialClimb focuses on making healthcare marketing simpler and more effective.

According to CEO and Founder, Ty Allen SocialClimb is “a digital platform that has helped hundreds of orthopedic surgeons healthcare practices more easily:

  • Increase online review volume (by 400%, on average)
  • Improve online star rating (by 1.2 stars on average)
  • Manage all Google Business Profiles from a single location
  • Send ads targeted to high-value patients
  • Track patient acquisition, and measure marketing ROI”

Demonstrable Results

Results we’ve seen are more than promising. Over the years, this platform has helped hundreds of orthopedic surgeons (and cardiologists too), be more successful.

Here are two examples that caught our attention:

Mount Sinai Orthopedics

Started with SocialClimb in October 2021:

  • Public reviews climbed from 820 to 2,000
  • 634% increase in monthly Google reviews
  • Improved Google star rating from 4.65 to 4.91

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

Started with SocialClimb in December 2017:

  • Google reviews jumped from 161 to 2,431
  • 1,410% increase in Google reviews
  • Improved Google star rating from 4.32 to 4.84

The net-net? For surgeons and administrators whose goals include getting more—and more high-value—patients, and/or measuring marketing efforts more effectively, the stats suggest that reaching out to SocialClimb for a demo would be a good use of time.


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