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We reached out to one of our favorite attorneys in the corporate healthcare space, Mr. Bruce Armon, to better understand the recent changes to non-compete agreements and the implications for those in the academic medical center (AMC) environment. Read Bruce’s summary specific to what this means for orthopaedic surgeons employed by AMCs by logging into the AOC Connect Member Platform or clicking the link below. If Bruce’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he is the AOC’s “go-to” for numerous webinars, including “The Do’s & Don’ts of Employment Contracts” as featured within our library of AOC Critical Resources for those navigating job search, employment contracts, and negotiation.  His expertise is in high demand and he has also been a featured speaker for AAHKS and many, many other organizations in the healthcare space. Please contact Bruce at with questions or assistance he can provide.”

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Bruce Armon is a partner and chair of Saul Ewing LLP’s health care practice group.   Bruce regularly works with academic medical centers, community hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, medical practices and individual physicians with respect to the business of medicine issues including but not limited to employment agreements, compliance matters, affiliations, reimbursement issues, HIPAA and licensing issues. Email Bruce

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