Today the AOC is the #1 rated organization in academic orthopaedics and there are over 170 different universities/academic orthopaedic programs participating.

Our top rated meetings resonate with attendees and the ratings below are from those leaders who have attended AOC annual meetings over the years.

“Michael, I enjoyed participating in your exceptional meeting-truly unique in the quality of presentations and discussion. You do a remarkable job contributing selflessly to the field of Orthopedics.”

Richard Gelberman, MD
Fred C. Reynolds Professor & Former Chair Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Washington University

Joseph D. Zuckerman MD endorses AOC Connect, the premier academic orthopaedic network.

“The AOC under the leadership of its Founder, Mike Gagnon, provides an invaluable forum for the exchange of ideas and information that will benefit each and every person who attends (and the departments they represent). It should be mandatory for leaders of academic departments of orthopedic surgery.”

Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD
Walter A.L. Thompson Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Chair Department of Orthopedic Surgery
NYU School of Medicine
NYU Langone Health
NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital

“You are to be congratulated on organizing such a terrific meeting, which I was honored to be a part of. Your leadership is inspiring and the impact that you make on the world of Orthopaedics is really significant.

Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh
Professor of Medicine
Former EVP of the University of Pennsylvania for the Health System & Dean of the School of Medicine

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What Our Attendees are Saying:

“I find this conference to be extremely valuable. I am amazed by the intelligence and talent that I am surrounded by more so than at the AAOE meetings. This is far more intimate and focused on the challenges of academic medicine. Wonderful job Mike.”

“This is an amazing group of professionals that are extremely encouraging to new members to Ortho. I find the networking an incredible opportunity and very helpful.”

“It was without a doubt the most directly relevant meeting I’ve ever participated in, and I’m excited at the prospect of applying the experiences and insights shared by my peers. I will definitely be sharing many of the presentations with my department head. I’m looking forward to next year’s conference, wherever it is held, and will be strongly encouraging my hospital service line administrator to attend.”

“Great meeting, this is the most relevant meeting of the year and the topics are always spot on…”

“It’s amazing how far and fast this organization and event has come under and due to mikes leadership and energy. I am very appreciative and impressed.”

“Each year the information shared is amazing, applicable and helps me to determine directions for future projects…”

“I can’t express enough how well the meeting was planned, organized, and executed. You and team did amazing work pulling together the academic programs that shape the medical community and in my assessment provide the educational opportunity for like minds to grow in the space…”

“This was my first meeting and I am taking back a lot of ideas. Overall, everything was great!”

Here is What the Administrative Leaders are Saying About the AOC Annual Meeting for Administrators:

  • 95.75% of attendees rated the SOCIAL ACTIVITIES an A or A-
  • 90.38% of attendees rated the AGENDA TOPICS an A or A-
  • 96.08% of attendees rated the SPEAKERS an A or A-
  • 94.23% of attendees rated the VALUE (price vs. gain) an A or A-
  • 96.15% of attendees rated the OVERALL SATISFACTION OF THE AOC MEETING an A or A-

Ratings from the Business & Leadership Symposium

Voted #1 Most Valuable Organization Among Academic Orthopaedic Administrators