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Resources for Academic Orthopaedic Research Professionals

AOC Connect positions academic orthopaedic research leaders to be more informed, better positioned, and ultimately to become more effective in their roles.

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Research Groups

AOC Research Forum

This is an open, topic-based group to discuss issues in orthopaedic research as part of our efforts to optimize this critical mission.

Orthopaedic Research Faculty Group

This is a position-based group for faculty in orthopaedic research.

AOC Research Vice Chairs & Research Directors Group

You must be a Vice Chair of Research or a Research Director position type to participate in this forum. The purpose and goal of this group is to gather information and an understanding of the myriad of research enterprise frameworks from different academic centers and to collectively share successful strategies that support innovation, recruitment, scholarship, education, and funding for musculoskeletal research, in both the basic science and clinical realm.

Research Webinars

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