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AOC Connect positions residents, fellows and new faculty to be more informed, better prepared, and ultimately to become more effective in their roles.

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Assistance With Job Search

Introducing JobsInOrtho, the largest orthopaedic job board in the country. More than 200 employers across universities, health care systems, and private practices post their openings here, making JobsInOrtho your first move in the job search game.

As an AOC Connect member you get a FREE JobsInOrtho job seeker profile. It’s never too early to get your name and credentials out there and build your network, so why not take a moment and do it now?

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  • Engage with 5,000+ Members
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Life, Money and Medicine Webinar Series: Hosted by Dr. Grant Garrigues

Navigating life as a medical student, resident, or a faculty member ain’t easy! We have organized topics that will help you to understand where you are and how to get to your destination as efficiently as possible to include presentations by some of the country’s most outstanding leaders. Attend live webinars and access past recorded webinars on demand at the link below!

Topics Include:

  • Private Practice versus Academics versus Privademics
  • Balancing Research and Clinical Productivity
  • Work-Life Balance: Is it Possible?
  • and more!

The Business of Orthopaedics Curriculum On-Demand Modules

Learn how to navigate job search, employment offers, and negotiation with our exclusive curriculum created in partnership with AAOE.

Topics Include:

  • Conducting a Job Search
  • Practice Governance and Structure
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Financial Management and Benchmarking
  • and more!

Access our Library of Best Practice Presentations and Exclusive Reports

Get access to our Best-Practice Presentations on-demand as well as our exclusive reports including the popular Compensation Reports! Presentation topics include:

  • Billing & Coding
  • Business & Leadership Symposium Presentations
  • Clinical Enterprise
  • DME/Ancillary
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • and more!

What Our Members Are Saying

When COVID hit, Mike proactively engaged hundreds of residents across the country in conversation to ask how he could help us and to better understand our needs…and he then went to private and academic practice leadership to replicate this needs assessment and created an incredible platform with content to make us stronger candidates who are better prepared for practice while also helping to satisfy our ACGME requirements. JobsInOrtho brings tremendous visibility to all job opportunities while increasing efficiency and reducing anxiety and costs for everyone.”

-Jason Lipof, MD, Clinical Fellow, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Rochester

Navigating the job search process for the first time can be daunting. The AOC has created incredibly valuable content that goes into the details of contracts and negotiations. This is knowledge I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Residents need to be aware of this resource!”

Daniel London, MD, Chief Resident, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Mount Sinai Health System

Michael, thank you so much for all of your excellent leadership and contribution to the field of orthopaedics. I am the Program Director for the Residency at LSU in Shreveport. I wrote the article on Surgical Selection in JAAOS with our Chair, Dr. Shane Barton, and attended the recent lecture with you and him. I just gave my residents the lecture on different contracts and practice models based on the PPT you gave us months ago. The feedback was extremely positive. My residents want more! I think AOC could really pioneer this business/ leadership aspect for all residents from day one with a solid curriculum and I love the list of topics you have!”

-Patrick Massey M.D., Program Director, Director of Clinical Research, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, LSU Health Shreveport, Director of Pediatric Sports Medicine, Shriner’s Hospital for Children Shreveport

Five Things to Know About AOC Connect

AOC Connect — learn about who we are.

AOC Connect is the largest, fastest growing, and top-rated orthopaedic organization in the U.S.

Engage with 5,000+ members spanning 160 universities and 40 health systems and private practices. Access our all-new digital social platform to foster closer professional connections, peer-to-peer networking, group discussions, and special interest groups, and to enable collaborative problem solving and sharing of best practices, 24/7.

JOBS: AOC Connect powers JobsInOrtho, the #1 orthopaedics career platform in the U.S.

JobsInOrtho became the largest job board for orthopaedic surgeons in the U.S. only 14 days after launch, filling a real need for blue-chip employers. More than 200 employers are currently posting jobs and 1,500+ job applications were submitted by surgeons in the first 6 months of launch. JobsInOrtho is the #1 way orthopaedic residents and fellows identify and apply for jobs.

AOC Connect — JobsInOrtho is part of who we are.
AOC Connect — helping residents and fellows is part of who we are.

AOC Connect has been called the “Career Sherpa” for orthopaedic residents, fellows, and new faculty.

As AOC Connect members, residents and fellows can create free JobsInOrtho job seeker profiles and access our expert presentations on how to job-hunt successfully AND negotiate the compensation they deserve. More than 400 orthopaedic residents and fellows helped us to identify and prioritize our content specific to preparing for the business of orthopaedics and how to navigate job search, negotiation, and employment contracts. Our on-demand modules are rated 4.5/5.0 by residents and fellows.

AOC Connect has been optimizing orthopaedic leaders and their teams for two decades.

We aim to optimize our members!  It’s true: 97% of academic orthopaedic administrators name AOC Connect as “the #1 most valuable organization to their role.” 98% of our orthopaedic surgeon leaders rate our programs as either an “A” or an “A-“ And orthopaedic residents and fellows rate our digital on-demand curriculum 4.5/5.0 to help them prepare for the business of orthopaedics and how to navigate job search, employment contracts, and negotiation.

AOC Connect — optimizing orthopaedic teams is part of who we are. who we are.
AOC Connect — academic orthopaedic compensation benchmark reports is part of who we are.

AOC Connect provides the country’s only academic orthopaedic compensation and clinical productivity reports and open access to 100+ best practices reports.

AOC Connect Members can access FREE compensation benchmarking reports and leadership presentations of proven strategies for successfully optimizing musculoskeletal enterprises and the individuals entrusted with leading them.

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