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“Michael, I enjoyed participating in your exceptional meeting — truly unique in the quality of presentations and discussion. You do a remarkable job contributing selflessly to the field of orthopaedics.”

“The AOC under the leadership of its founder, Mike Gagnon, provides an invaluable forum for the exchange of ideas and information that will benefit each and every person who attends (and the departments they represent). It should be mandatory for leaders of academic departments of orthopaedic surgery.”

Joseph D. Zuckerman MD endorses AOC Connect, the premier academic orthopaedic network.

“Congratulations on a fabulous meeting. You run a very professional, impressive, and collaborative event. One of the things that impressed me so much is the culture that you have built, where everyone truly shares their best practices, including little insights and pearls, in such a collegial manner. It was a pleasure to participate and learn from such a great group!”


AOC Connect Distinguished Lecturer Lou Soslowski PhD
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