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“The AOC meeting is the most valuable 2 days of the year. The agenda is always power-packed and well-balanced—a perfect combination of information and inspiration. I learn so much during open discussions with our colleagues on all the topics that challenge us in academics today—clinical, operational, strategic, educational, and leadership.”

“I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I enjoyed my time on Friday and Saturday. The topics and organization of the weekend were first rate. Beyond that, having access to the quality of leaders that were present, is truly special for ascending leaders like me. It says a lot about you, and your program, that you attract the caliber of attendees that you did. I greatly look forward to the next AOC event.”

“The Philadelphia AOC meeting was outstanding and very important topics germane to the academic mission was discussed. I think all attendees got a great deal of useful and actionable information to take back home.”

“The UF Faculty that attended were extremely enthusiastic about the future of the organization, the sharing of information among programs this weekend, and what is possible in the future for AOC participant institutions. This was very beneficial for our emerging leaders from UF.”

“This should be part of a mandatory curriculum for every person in the top 5 leadership positions in every Academic Orthopedic Department or PM&R Academic Department in the nation. The vision of the most accomplished and visionary leaders in Academic Orthopedic practices was remarkable. It is really a privilege to learn from the best of the best. Outstanding meeting!”

“The AOC Business and Leadership Symposium provided me critical, practical information that will undoubtedly benefit our Department and our Musculoskeletal Service Line. Lessons learned from leaders willing to openly share their knowledge and experience will positively impact financial performance as well as faculty wellbeing. This meeting is a must for those charged with leadership of orthopedic groups within complex academic environments.”

“Thanks for organizing and chairing a very unique meeting for me. It’s rare I get to sit with so many chairs of academic ortho programs. Nevertheless many of their issues, concerns, and problems affect us all. As chief of ortho at one of the Sinai hospitals the entire meeting was of interest to me.”

“I truly enjoyed the meeting and found it extremely valuable. You can count on me being a regular participant.”

“I really enjoyed the meeting and it is striking how well organized it was, but more importantly, how you had managed to establish such a collaborative and collegial environment as a microcosm in a field that is sometimes very competitive. It was great to see everyone sharing important and personal insights on so many critical topics.”

“Congratulations on a fabulous meeting. You run a very professional, impressive, and collaborative event. One of the things that impressed me so much is the culture that you have built, where everyone truly shares their best practices, including little insights and pearls, in such a collegial manner. It was a pleasure to participate and learn from such a great group!”

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