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Your FREE AOC Connect membership entitles you to all these exclusive benefits designed advance the performance of your organization and fuel your professional growth.

Add them up and it’s no surprise that 97% of our members say no group is more valuable for success in their orthopaedics careers.

Join the AOC Connect social platform and connect with your academic orthopaedic community.

AOC Connect Social Platform

Want to grow your professional network? Maintain ties to your training program mentors? Engage directly and immediately with your academic orthopaedic peers? THIS IS THE PLACE, with more than 5,000 active members (and growing every day).

The new way to connect with your academic orthopaedics peers

Join the exclusive AOC Connect Social Platform and get ready to be better connected in the academic orthopaedic community for networking, job search, sharing of best practices, and so much more:

  • Communicate 1:1 across position types or 1:ALL within position type.
  • Certain position types can communicate with other position types.
  • Message, follow, connect with your professional peers.
  • Build your network for professional development and career advancement.

It’s the busy, beating heart of AOC Connect — and it’s YOUR active, 24/7 professional development community!

Who are AOC’s Members?


Total Members


Orthopaedic Surgeons


Chairs, Admins & Faculty


Academic Depts.


Health Systems & Private Practices

From department chairs to first-year residents, we encourage membership for EVERY academic orthopaedic professional:

Orthopaedic Surgeon — Chief

Orthopaedic Surgeon — Chair

Orthopaedic Surgeon — Vice-Chair

Orthopaedic Surgeon — Faculty

Resident/Fellowship Program Coordinator

HR Manager


Chief Administrative Officers and Chief Administrative Officers Emeritus

Clinical Operations Manager

Clinical Operations Manager

General Admin Teams

Hospital Line Service Manager

Orthopaedic Research Faculty

More exclusive benefits for AOC Connect members:


Establish your free job seeker profile today at the #1 orthopedics job site. 1500+ job applications were submitted by surgeons in the first 6 months of launch, and more than 210 blue-chip employers currently post jobs. It’s the #1 way orthopaedic residents and fellows identify and apply for jobs.

Annual Business & Leadership Symposium

THE high-value, high-engagement, no-filler conference for surgical and administrative leaders and their teams. Rated “A” or “A-” for overall satisfaction by 96.15% of attendees.

View the agenda from our November 2021 Symposium.

AOC Connect member benefits include our Annual Business & Leadership Symposium

Best Practice Presentations & National Surveys

Open-access presentations, compensation reports, and analysis from the top leaders in the academic space. Available no place else.

“Real Life” Curriculum for Residents & Fellows

More than 400 orthopedic residents and fellows helped us identify and prioritize our content specific to preparing for the business of orthopedics and how to navigate job search, negotiation, and employment contracts. Our free on-demand modules are rated 4.5/5.0 by residents and fellows.
AOC Connect member benefits include our "real life" curriculum for residents and fellows
AOC Connect member benefits include peer mentorship and special interest groups

Peer Mentorship & Special Interest Groups

Connect to nationally organized peer mentorship and special interest groups  such as our Women’s Leadership Forum, Underrepresented Minorities Leadership Forum, Epic Users Group, plus shoulder surgery, spine surgery, hip and knee surgery, sports medicine, and more.

Exclusive Webinars & User Groups

Learn from the best, become the BEST. AOC Connect is committed to the ongoing personal professional development of our members, and the optimization of academic orthopaedic departments. Monthly webinars. Executive Leadership Forums. Resident & Fellow Business/Career Forum. Best practice sharing, from academic department leadership to surgical sub-specialties.

AOC Connect member benefits include exclusive webinars and user groups
AOC Connect member benefits include custom leadership optimization programs.

Leadership Optimization

Performance and assessment tools customized for orthopedic chairs, chiefs, and CAOs. Optimization programs for orthopaedic teams including cultural transformation, positioning physicians for success, and strategic planning.